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Accidentally bought 300 lawnmowers and Cryptogone

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I accidentally bought 300 lawnmowers bc I thought the amount text box was asking how much it cost and I invested 51000 in crypto and the next day it was all gone although the markets I invested in were all up 

Character Name: Kyrie Williamson

Lost Items: Money

Requested Refund (In $):141,000

Time/Date of Loss: 2/06/2024 around 8:30

Proof of Ownership (Screenshots/Clip):  

Explain what led you to need a refund: see above


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Hello @KyrieWilliamson2257, first of all, I would like to apologize for the individual who was commenting on this thread when he should not have been, that has since been handled. I will mark the refund for Crypto as APPROVED, since the app is not functioning properly at the moment. However, in terms of the lawnmowers, please head over to the Pawn Shop (marked as a P on the map near Davis Ave) and see if you can sell those lawnmowers there. If not return here and let me know. Please use /help whislt in city so a Community Admin+ can refund your money. Thank you!


51,000 Crypto loss - APPROVED


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