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Open Applications

  • San Andreas State Police

    Interested in becoming a State Trooper? Apply today and join the largest department in the State!

  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office

    Become an LEO with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office!

  • Pillbox Medical

    Interested in becoming a Nurse or Doctor? Apply here today and join the medical field!

  • Staff Interest Form

    Interested in joining the Staff Team? Put in an interest form for the CA+ team to review!

  • Asset Developer

    Do you have experience in FiveM assets like maps, clothing, or vehicles? Help grow the future of the community by contributing today!

  • Lawyer

  • Event Planner

    Do you have ideas to positively interact with the community? Interested in getting paid and possibly having some of these event's featured on our YouTube? Apply today for an Event Planner at USARRP.

  • Sponsored Streamer

    Interested in streaming USARRP and being rewarded for it at the same time? Apply now!

    If selected you will receive real or in game $$$ for every hour streamed on the server!

    Max of 4 hours per week with a max of 8 hours per month.

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